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Salmon fillet
3T sweet chilli sauce (Marions Kitchens sticky chilli ginger is delicious)
Olive oil
1/4 Jasmine rice
Vegetables- today I used shredded red cabbage, slices red onions, avocado, cucumber & edamame beans.

Pre-heat a skillet in the oven at 200deg.
Cook your rice according to the packet.
Coat the skin of your salmon with olive oil and brush the flesh with the sauce. Once the pan is hot put the fillet in skin side down.
Cook for 10mins basting with the sauce 2-3 times.
To dish up put the rice on one half of the plate with the salmon on top.
Arrange your vegetables and serve.

This dish is very versatile as you can use either jasmine, long grain, brown or wild rice.
Use what vegetables you have, carrots, beetroot, lettuce, spinach, grilled or raw asparagus. The list is endless.
It makes a great lunch and is just as delicious eaten cold.
You can add mayo too if you want, Japanese mayo is delicious. Enjoy

Recipe by Toni-Anna Ruawai

Fresko Supplies LTD

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